Past Client Testimonials
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 "Words fail to express our appreciation for Ron's incredible services in getting our dream house. He was willing to drive all over Southern California to help us look at potential listings. Unlike most realtors, he NEVER pressured us into making a decision. He's also a great negotiator (takes no prisoners).   Due to his relaxed demeanor, he puts everyone at ease while discussing terms. Also, AFTER the house was bought and all fees were paid, he didn't disappear like most realtors do after the sale is done. He still provided support after the sale by driving 2 hours to meet a contractor at our new home and making certain service technicians had access to our new house (he didn't have to do that). He was a Godsend to us and we will always be in his debt. R. Johnson - 8/16/2019"


"Highly likely to recommend


Ron was very thorough, easy to work with, patient, and extremely diligent in ensuring that all of our questions were fully answered and in a timely manner. He was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend him!"


"Dear Ron & Evelyn, Thank you so much for helping me find my new home. Kim and I are just thrilled to be here. Although my home was not a big transaction, I felt that you gave me the same kind of service as if it had been a million dollar home. Thanks for walking me through all the paper work and the legalese. I have already recommended you to a friend of mine and will continue to as I hear of people with real estate needs. I think you're great! God bless you. I hope you know how much your effort is appreciated. Thanks again, Brian"



"I have used Evelyn Taibi twice for real estate purchases and sales, and she is the consummate professional. She is smart, thorough and tenacious. With her years of experience Evelyn is able to steer her clients through the good, the bad and the sometimes problematic of real estate transactions. She are articulate in voicing her opinions, and listens intently to yours. I would heartily recommend Evelyn Taibi for any real estate deal; I trust her and consider ther both a terrific broker and a good friend. -Shone"



"Evelyn and Ron, Thanks for everything! Especially your patience, perseverance, and pleasantness throughout the whole ordeal! We'll keep in touch... Mike and Mary"



"Evelyn Taibi has been my Real Estate Agent for a long time.  She is a delight to work with, listens to wants and concerns, is easy to communicate with, and extremely knowledgeable in the always-changing status of the market.  The sale of my home came with both typical and outlandishly unexpected challenges that seemed to come from every direction – but it was Evelyn who caught each one of them in mi-air and worked diligently to keep everything on task.  She held my hand through the entire process and was there for me no matter what until the very moment the sale recorded. She is grace under pressure, highly professional, trustworthy, reliable and treated the sale of my house as if it were her own home.  I can’t imagine having gone through the process with anyone else. I highly, highly recommend Evelyn to anyone and everyone looking for a Realtor. She is truly one in a million.  -Susan Handley"


"Thank you for everything you did for us.   We are moved in and enjoying our new house.   I have prepared a note of recommendation that I would like for you to add to your portfolio.  Evelyn had stayed in touch with us for over 10 years even though we did not purchase our first home directly with her.    When we decide that it was time to move into another house we couldn’t think of anyone else to turn to.  So Evelyn helped us buy our 2nd home.   She made the entire process of buying a house very easy and pleasant.   She was very professional, knowledgeable, responsive & punctual.   She was always willing to show us houses anytime of the day or week, at our convenience, no matter how far or near the homes were.  What affected us the most is her INTEGRITY.   The first home we liked in our search was an exclusive listing, not aware that the agent commission was lower than the average listing commissions.  When we found out, she assured us that she would accept the lower commission amount by stating, “If you like it, that’s all that matters”.  Evelyn put in the same effort that she had been providing for all the other potential homes.  However, we ended up not buying that home due to the issues found in the home inspections. It is very hard to find people like Evelyn these days.   I highly recommend Evelyn for all your real estate needs from First-Time home buyers to investors.   You can rest assured she will not put her interest before yours! Helen and Yohannes."



"Evelyn, Thank you so very much with finally finding a condo & then with actually moving in. Also thanks for being so nice and patient. Most of all thank you for the beautiful picture frame for the baby. The zuccinni bread was good too. If you are ever in the neighborhood, feel free to stop in and say hi. Thanks, Barnett and Keara K."



"Dear Evelyn & Ron, Please except our heartfelt thanks for your gracious welcome upon our arrival in Valencia. We really enjoyed the delicious casserole and baked goods. The groceries helped make our first day easier. Thanks also for the lovely azalea plant. It is the start of our full time patio garden. It was a pleasure doing business with you. We appreciate your patience in helping us find the right house & neighborhood. Again, thanks for everything! Fondly, Jayne, Bob, Alanor, & Ashley"



"I have been meaning to write to you and thank you for all the help you provided us when we decided to sell our house and use you and your offices to help us.  You were available to answer questions to explain what we should do and what we do not have to do. You even have the names and contact information for “handymen” to do those chores we were not able to do on our own.  What could have been a very difficult time for us in selling our house became not much more than an ordinary day with visitors. You helped us determine a price that would encourage buyers rather than put them off. What was most interesting to me is that you arranged for a sign to go up before we were officially listed for sale.  Your reasoning was wonderful; people driving by would see the sign and consider buying or telling someone they knew who was looking for a house in that area. The consequence of that arrangement was to have parties interested in buying showing up as soon as it was listed and to have 2 full price offers by the second day of the listing.  We were in escrow within 2 weeks and when some minor complications arose you took care of the problem quickly and with no repercussions. We understand that as the listing agent you are compensated for what you do however, we are of the opinion that you do much more than other agents would do and we attribute that to your personal integrity.  Once again we want to thank you for the attention, kindness, availability, and understanding that you provided to us. We experienced virtually no stress relating to the presentation and sale of our home, thanks in large part to you. Milt & Sima Bernstein."



"Dear Evelyn & Ron, We've been in this house 5 months and we want to say... THANK YOU! We really like the house a lot. We think it's great. You did a good job and we enjoyed working with you. Your husband and son Ron were nice too. Hope everything is O.K. with you. More power. Sincerely, Jon, Teresa, and Harry"



"Evelyn, I can't thank you enough for all of your help through this whole mess and for putting up with me! Give me a call when you get a chance. I love my house!! Kelli P."



"Dear Evelyn & Ron, I feel compelled to take a few moments to say thank you. I realize that real estate is your profession and that it may become second nature to you, but for families like mine, what you have done for us is far more than simply providing a service. Your patience and understanding with Debbie's random changes of direction and in dealing with my consuming travel schedule exemplifies your absolute dedication to us. For my wife and children, it was essential to find them a place where they would always think of as home, and for me, it was essential that the business side of such a large and volatile investment was handled with tact and you far exceeded all of our expectations. Debbie and I are very grateful for your straight forward, yet deeply caring approach to our needs and our children absolutely adore you. So again, thank you, not just for doing your job, but for including us in your life. We cannot wait to get moved in and to welcome you in to our home. Let me know when you are ready to take a cruise!!!! Kindest regards, Jonathan, Debbie, Enia, Amelia and Marisa (who you are yet to meet)."



"Hi Evelyn, I don't know how to tell you how sweet I think you are. Thanks so much for the awesome address labels. I just love them. If the world had just a few more people like you in it, I think everyone would be doing a lot better. I hope God blesses you and your business and your family. You can sure count on my referrals whenever my friends need real estate. I hope your son's wedding plans are coming along well. Tracy and I are really getting anxious to tie the knot. Never thought I'd be saying that, but hey, what can I say? I love the girl. Anyway, thanks for your excellent service and overflowing kindness. Your friend always, Brent"



"Hi Evelyn & Ron, Congratulations!! I saw this mention of you in the Sunday Signal & thought I should send you a quick note. Craig & I are still in awe. We pinch ourselves every morning wondering if it's real or not. WE LOVE OUR PLACE. Thanks again for all your help. You really made the difference. Just think, only 6 months ago we were still living in a mobile home! I know you're busy, but please stop by anytime. Love to show you what we've done so far. Thanks again Judy & Craig B., Happy Home Owners!!"



"Hi Evelyn! Remember us... Susan and Lauren... you got us our house here on Sloan Canyon?! We've been meaning to call/write... every so often one of us says "we need to call Evelyn & take her out to dinner..." but it seems we never have the time. We've been so busy... We still love the house. There have been NO disappointments in the house itself (none, believe it or not, it is perfect in all ways!)...the only glitch in paradise has been that they just started developing the land between us and the middle school. Fortunately, there is quite a large buffer zone around our property where the zoning is agricultural, 2 acre minimum... so the developers can't get too close to us... but the bulldozers- even though they aren't too close, are loud and ugly! I'm 9 months pregnant and ready to go at any time now... so you can imagine how hectic our lives have been since we moved in last December. Can't believe it's almost a year... I hope you know that we both believe that you are the best real estate agent in the business... we wouldn't be living here now if it weren't for you! We are looking forward to referring our friends or anyone who asks us to you... Your web site is great! Fondly, Susan & Lauren"



"As a small expression of deep gratitude, please enjoy this cheesecake. We remembered you mentioning it as your favorite. As first time buyers we could not have been more fortunate getting you to help us in this whirlwind experience. You are the best! With our most sincere thanks, Steve and Sue J." 



"Evelyn, Thank you for all your hard work to complete this transaction! I love my new home and I'm having a great time decorating, etc. Your determination to see this deal through and patience in dealing with me was very appreciated. Please stop by when you are in the neighborhood. Thank you, Barbara H."