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Did You Know?

As Of 4/4/19,
There Are Less Than 600 Homes For Sale
In the ENTIRE Santa Clarita Valley

Let Us Explain What This Means To You As A Buyer

While it may sound like that is a lot of homes for sale, it’s important to understand there is
a limited number of homes in each price segment and area of our market. For example,
there are approximately 30 homes, condos and townhomes for sale UNDER $400,000.

Between $400K & $500K, there are apprx. 27 homes for sale…in the ENTIRE Santa Clarita Valley.

The point being, there are many people trying to buy homes in Santa Clarita every day.
When you divide the total inventory by the six primary Santa Clarita areas and then
divide those by pricing segment, the choices become very limited, very fast.
Please note: Homes that are priced right in Santa Clarita sell quickly.

You NEED a competitive edge.

Most people who are looking to purchase a home in the Santa Clarita Valley
are not aware of how competitive the market is and they are not usually
prepared to compete with several other buyers for the same properties.

We will help you become 100% PREPARED to write a GREAT offer.

We help you position yourself right up front to be a strong, competitive buyer.

First, we help you get prepared. We make sure you have everything in order upfront.
The better prepared you are, the stronger of a position you will be in when you are ready to write an offer.

We know what sellers and their agents want to see, what works and what does not work.

We will show you how to compete and get your offer ACCEPTED.

Many buyers tell us that they “don’t want to get into a bidding war”. We totally understand.
We will show you how to set yourself apart from other buyers and be THE BEST OFFER
on the Seller’s table and avoid ever being in a bidding war.

We have the relationships that matter most.

For obvious reasons, we are not going to share our negotiation strategies here. However, we will

share with you one of the other most important factors there is that helps Our Clients

be successful home buyers. It comes down to one word: Relationships.

Trust means everything in this process.

The relationships we’ve established over 25 years with the other top-selling agents in town
go a long way to helping us put transactions together. While this may sound like favoritism,
it’s actually more about the trust we’ve established with each other to bring very well-qualified
Home Buyers to the negotiating table. This gives confidence to us and the clients we represent as Sellers.

We have access to listings that are NOT on Zillow, Redfin, Realtor, etc.
When we represent you as a Buyer, you WILL benefit from our many relationships.
You will have Exclusive Access to many pre-market and off-market homes for sale.
These Upcoming Listings are shared between us and the other top-selling Realtors
that participate in our private Santa Clarita Valley Realtor networking groups.

We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to selecting a Real Estate agent.
All we ask is for you to give us an opportunity to meet with you to discuss your needs
and time frame. From there, you can decide for yourself if we are a good fit for you.
If not, we will part as friends. If this sounds good to you,
please contact us here.